The Color Class

The Color Class

The Color class represents a data type for the RGB color model. All functions that are required by the properties of this class are included. The class defaults to the RGB color model, but the Hue-Lightness-Saturation and Hue-Saturation-Value models may also be used.

To Obtain the Class

To obtain the Color class you need both the include file Color.h and the source code file Color.C.

Note: the capitalization of the letter C in the class name. This avoid name conflicts with other systems (like gl) that use the name ``color''.

This class was initially generated for a research system at UC Davis and has been been used by many students over a number of years. It works! Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that it will work in your situation. You may use it ``as is'' or can modify it. If you find errors, and can correct them, please send mail to the address below, as we would also like to know about them.

Ken Joy
Wed Jan 7 14:59:42 PST 1998