The Light Class

The Light Class

The Light data type together with the Color data type, implements a GL light source. This class uses OpenGL to implement the model.

To Obtain the Class

To obtain the Light class you need both the include file Light.h and the source code file Light.C.

The user must also include the Color class for the Light class to operate correctly.

Make Sure to Also Include...

Be sure to obtain the initialization code for light sources, and include this code in the GL initialization area of your program.

Be sure to include the following lines in your source code file, as these routines utilize them.

            #include <stdlib.h>
            #include <math.h>
            #include <stream.h>
            #include <GL/gl.h>

This class was generated for a research system at UC Davis and has worked in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that it will work in your situation. You may use it ``as is'' or can modify it. If you find errors, and can correct them, please send mail to the address below, as we would also like to know about them.

Ken Joy
Wed Jan 7 14:59:53 PST 1998