Fragment-Parallel Composite and Filter

title="Fragment-Parallel Composite and Filter",
journal="Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2010)",
author="Anjul Patney AND Stanley Tzeng AND John D. Owens ",
keywords="Programmable Pipelines, GPU Computing, Fragments, Composite, Filter, Blend",
editor=" Jason Lawrence AND Marc Stamminger ",
publisher="Eurographics Association",
location="Saarbruecken, Germany",
eventtime="June 28-30, 2010",
abstract="We present a strategy for parallelizing the composite and filter operations suitable for an order-independent rendering pipeline implemented on a modern graphics processor. Conventionally, this task is parallelized across pixels/subpixels, but serialized along individual depth layers. However, our technique extends the domain of parallelization to individual fragments (samples), avoiding a serial dependence on the number of depth layers, which can be a constraint for scenes with high depth complexity. As a result, our technique scales with the number of fragments and can sustain a consistent and predictable throughput in scenes with both low and high depth complexity, including those with a high variability of depth complexity within a single frame. We demonstrate composite/filter performance in excess of 50M fragments/sec for scenes with more than 1500 semi-transparent layers.",
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