Visualization and multivariate clustering of scattered moment tensors

title="Visualization and multivariate clustering of scattered moment tensors",
journal="Information Visualization",
author="Harald Obermaier AND Magali I. Billen AND Kenneth I. Joy AND Hans Hagen AND Martin Hering-Bertram ",
keywords="parameter-space visualization, multi-variate clustering, indefinite tensors, earthquake visualization",
abstract="Moment tensors are indefinite tensors derived from seismic measurements and encode important information about earthquakes and surface displacement in the earth's mantle. Appropriate analysis of scattered moment tensor fields requires multi-scale visualization to identify related seismic events. For this matter we provide a visualization of the tensor field at different scales based on multivariate tensor clustering. The resulting visualization allows interactive analysis of individual tensors, analysis of tensor groups and clustering behavior as well as examination of the complete tensor field. Our results show the benefit of multi-scale earthquake and displacement analysis and demonstrate the advantages over classic tensor visualization and univariate, static cluster visualization.",
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