Topological Features in Glyph-Based Corotation Visualization

title="Topological Features in Glyph-Based Corotation Visualization",
booktitle="Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization III - Theory, Algorithms, and Applications",
author="Sohail Shafii AND Harald Obermaier AND Bernd Hamann AND Kenneth I. Joy ",
keywords="Corotation, vortex, visualization, glyph, topology, flow",
abstract="We introduce a novel method for vortex detection in flow fields based on the corotation of line segments and glyph rendering. The corotation measure is defined as a point-symmetric scalar function on a sphere, suitable for direct representation in the form of a three-dimensional glyph. Appropriate placement of these glyphs in the domain of a flow field makes it possible to depict vortical features present in the flow. We demonstrate how topological analysis of this novel glyph-based representation of vortex features can reveal vortex characteristics that lie beyond the capabilities of visualization techniques that consider vortex direction and magnitude information only.",
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