Towards Sensor-Aided Multi-View Reconstruction for High Accuracy Applications

title="Towards Sensor-Aided Multi-View Reconstruction for High Accuracy Applications",
booktitle="The Sixth International Conference on Creative Content Technologies (CONTENT 2014)",
author="Misha Shashkov AND Mauricio Hess-Flores AND Shawn Recker AND Kenneth I. Joy ",
keywords="sensor fusion; embedded sensors; multi-view reconstruction; structure-from-motion; Kinect.",
location="Venice, Italy",
eventtime="May 25-29, 2014",
abstract="We present the general idea of a computer vision structure-from-motion framework that makes use of sensor fusion to provide very accurate and efficient multi-view reconstruction results that can capture internal geometry. Given the increased ubiquity and cost-effectiveness of embedding sensors, such as positional sensors, into objects, it has become feasible to fuse such sensor data and camera-acquired data to vastly improve reconstruction quality and enable a number of novel applications for structure-from-motion. Application areas, which require very high accuracy, include medicine, robotics, security, and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Specific examples and initial results are discussed, followed by a discussion on proposed future work.",
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