Semi-Autonomous Digitization of Real-World Environments

title="Semi-Autonomous Digitization of Real-World Environments",
booktitle="19th International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation, Interactive Multimedia, Virtual Worlds & Serious Games (C-GAMES USA 2014)",
author="Mikhail Shashkov AND Connie Nguyen AND Mario Yepez AND Mauricio Hess-Flores AND Kenneth I. Joy ",
keywords="real-world environments; multi-view reconstruction; structure-from-motion; Kinect; Unity;",
editor=" Mikhail Shashkov AND Mauricio Hess-Flores ",
location="Lousiville, KY",
abstract="In recent years, the computational power and graphics capabilities of our computers and gaming consoles has advanced to the point we can render photo-realistic real-world environments in real-time. This has been leveraged to make immersive games, serious games, and simulations. While the computers and consoles are affordable for the consumer, the technology used to scan the environments can be too expensive or time-consuming for most developers. In this paper, we seek to find a viable low-cost alternative by analyzing the efficacy of cheap hardware (Kinect and personal cameras), computer vision algorithms (KinectFusion and structure-from-motion), and postprocessing tools (MeshLab) in the context of a popular free game engine, Unity. Our results demonstrate workflows that are viable for the needs of many developers.",
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