The Refinement Rules for Catmull-Clark Solids

title="The Refinement Rules for Catmull-Clark Solids",
author="Ken Joy AND Ron MacCracken ",
institution="Computer Science Department, University of California, Davis",
abstract="B-Spline curves and surfaces can be deŽned by a set of control points and a set of refinement rules. These rules act on the defining mesh of control points to create a new refined mesh. Repeated application of the rules generates a sequence of meshes that converge to the curve or surface. In the surface case, Catmull and Clark extended the refinement rules for the rectangular topological meshes of the B-spline form to meshes that have an arbitrary topological structure. In much the same way, the refinement rules for a trivariate B-spline solid can be extended from those that apply to the regular hexahedral topological lattices of the B-spline form to lattices that have an arbitrary topological structure. We present a uniform development of the refinement rules for trivariate B-spline solids and extend the rules to apply to solid lattices of arbitrary topology.",
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