Generation of Accurate Integral Surfaces in Time-Dependent Vector Fields

title="Generation of Accurate Integral Surfaces in Time-Dependent Vector Fields",
journal="Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '08",
author="Christoph Garth AND Hari Krishnan AND Xavier Tricoche AND T. Bobach AND Ken Joy ",
keywords="3D vector field visualization, flow visualization, time-varying visualization, surface extraction",
location="Columbus, OH",
eventtime="October, 2008",
abstract="We present a novel approach for the direct computation of integral surfaces in general vector fields. As opposed to previous work, which we analyze in detail, our approach is based on a separation of integral surface computation into two stages: surface approximation and generation of a graphical representation. This allows us to overcome several limitations of previous techniques. We first describe an algorithm for surface integration that approximates a series of timelines using iterative refinement and computes a skeleton of the integral surface. In a second step, we generate a well-conditioned triangulation. The presented approach allows a highly accurate treatment of very large time-varying vector fields in an efficient, streaming fashion. We examine the properties of the presented methods on several example datasets and perform a numerical study of its correctness and accuracy. Finally, we examine some visualization aspects of integral surfaces.",
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