TitleInteractive Visualization of Scattered Moment Tensor Data. (In Proceedings)
inVisualization and Data Analysis 2011, Proc. of SPIE-IS&T Electronic Imaging
Author(s) Harald Obermaier, Magali I. Billen, Hans Hagen, Martin Hering-Bertram
Keyword(s)moment tensor; tensor glyph; clustering; interactive
Year 2011
Abstract Moment tensors derived from seismic measurements during earthquakes are related to stress tensors and keep important information about surface displacement in the earth’s mantle. We present methods facilitating an interactive visualization of scattered moment data to support earthquake and displacement analysis. For this goal, we combine and link visualizations of spatial location and orientation information derived from moment tensor decompositions. Furthermore, we contribute new tensor glyphs highlighting the indefinite character of moment tensors as well as novel tensor clustering and averaging techniques to aid interactive visual analysis and ease the challenges of interpreting moment tensor data.