TitlePolygon Rendering on a Stream Architecture (In Proceedings)
in2000 Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware
Author(s) John D. Owens, William J. Dally, Ujval J. Kapasi, Scott Rixner, Peter Mattson, Ben Mowery
Keyword(s)graphics hardware, stream processing, stream architecture, kernels, streams, polygon rendering, OpenGL, media processors, SIMD
Year August 2000
LocationInterlaken, Switzerland
DateAugust 20--21, 2000
OrganizationACM Siggraph / Eurographics
Abstract The use of a programmable stream architecture in polygon rendering provides a powerful mechanism to address the high performance needs of today's complex scenes as well as the need for flexibility and programmability in the polygon rendering pipeline. We describe how a polygon rendering pipeline maps into data streams and kernels that operate on streams, and how this mapping is used to implement the polygon rendering pipeline on Imagine, a programmable stream processor. We compare our results on a cycle-accurate simulation of Imagine to representative hardware and software renderers.
Note Work done at Stanford University.