TitleProcedural Generation of Triangulation-Based Visualizations (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of IEEE Visualization '99 (Late Breaking Hot Topics)
Author(s) Gunther H. Weber, Bjoern Heckel, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Editor(s) A. Varshney, Craig M. Wittenbrink, Hans Hagen
Year October 1999
LocationSan Francisco, CA
DateOctober 25--29, 1999
Abstract We present a new visualization approach based on procedural grid generation for scattered data sets. Instead of pre-computing triangulations for a given set of levels in a data hierarchy, a triangulation within a specified region of interest (ROI) is computed by considering scattered data of a pre-computed scattered data hierarchy. By choosing an appropriate level in the hierarchy the number of samples representing the data set in the ROI can be kept sufficiently small to interactively generate a triangulation and a visualization of the data within the ROI. This allows one to generate the triangulation on-the-fly during the visualization process.