TitleMultiresolution and Adaptive Rendering Techniques for Structured, Curvilinear Data (In Book)
inScientific Visualization -- Methods and Applications
Author(s) Chris W. Wynn, James C. Barnes, Bernd Hamann, Mark Miller
Editor(s) Hans Hagen, G. M. Nielson, F. Post
Year 1999
AddressNew York, New York
Abstract In many applications one is concerned with techniques for visualizing data sets with real-time interaction. One technique for providing real-time performance is through the use of multiresolution techniques. These techniques provide multiple representations of a data set at different levels of detail. The idea is to select a level of detail that can be rendered within the user's time constraints. We discuss a mechanism which renders finer-detailed representations where the data set has a high frequency, and coarser representations where the data set has lower frequency. We present a new technique for storing curvilinear data sets within a quadtree representation and discuss two rendering schemes: an anti-aliasing scheme and a scheme for maintaining a specified frame rate.