TitleCurvature Approximation for Triangulated Surfaces (In Book)
inGeometric Modelling, Computing Suppl.
Author(s) Bernd Hamann
Editor(s) Gerald Farin, Hans Hagen, H. Noltemeier
Keyword(s)Approximation, curvature, Gauss-Weingarten map. platelet, surface, triangulation
Year 1993
Abstract Given a set of points, and normals on a surface and triangulation associated with them a simple scheme for approximating the principal curvatures at these points is developed. The approximation is based on the fact that a surface can locally be represented as the graph of a bivariate function. Quadratic polynomials are used for this local approximation. The principal curvatures at the point on the graph of such a quadratic polynomial is used as the approximation of the principal curvatures at the original surface point.