TitleAn Integrated VR- and Simulation-Environment for Supporting the Complete Product Life Cycle of Space-Related Systems (In Proceedings)
inScientific Visualization Conference (Dagstuhl '97), Proceedings
Author(s) Peter Dannenmann, Christof Nuber, Reimund Kueke, Norbert Schielow, Hans Hagen
Keyword(s)Simulation, Virtual Reality, Tool Integration, System Development
Year 1998
LocationDagstuhl, Germany
DateJune 09--13, 1997
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
OrganizationIEEE Computer Society
Abstract System development life cycles have been shortened within the last years using enhanced computer-based tools. Each life cycle of a system has been separated from later cycles of other systems except for the common knowledge of developers involved in different phases. To enhance the process of developing and bringing a product to the market from scratch we integrate available tools and information into a single development environment which improves the performance of the complete development team. We will show in this paper how VR- and simulation- tools can be combined to improve the development process of a product. In doing this we will especially focus on the reuse of knowledge gathered in previous phases of the development cycle or even gathered in former projects. The use of virtual reality tools for visualization and interaction in different phases is discussed. Finally we present an approach that is currently under development at DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Space-Infrastructure Division.