TitleA Quartic Spline Based on a Variational Approach (In Book)
inGeometric Modeling:Dagstuhl 1993
Author(s) Bernd Hamann, T.A. Foley
Editor(s) Gerald Farin, Hans Hagen, H. Noltemeier
Keyword(s)Approximation, calculus of variation, interpolation, spline
Year 1995
SeriesComputing Suppl. 10
Abstract The C2 continuous cubic spline can be viewed as the solution of a variational problem. The spline derived in this paper is obtained by solving a slightly different variational problem that depends on the input data. The goal is to obtain a spline that may have high second derivatives at the interpolated points and low second derivatives between two consecutive interpolated points. The solution is a C2 continuous quartic spline.