TitleComputer-Aided Geometric Design Techniques for Surface Grid Generation (In Book)
inHandbook of Grid Generation
Author(s) Bernd Hamann, B. A. Jean, A. Razdan
Editor(s) J. F. Thompson, B. K. Soni, N. P. Weatherill
Year 1999
PublisherCRC Press
AddressBoca Raton, Florida
Pages29--1 -- 29--26
Abstract This chapter focuses on three computer-aided geometric design (CAGD) techniques that are often needed to "prepare" a complex geometry for grid generation. Standard grid generation methods, as discussed in [George '91], [Knupp & Steinberg '93], and [Thompson et al. '85], assume that parametric surfaces are well parametrized and free of undesired discontinuities. We describe CAGD techniques that are extremely helpful for the preparation of complex geometries for the grid generation process.