TitleTowards Interactive Finite Element Analysis of Shell Structures in Virtual Reality (In Proceedings)
Author(s) Alfredo Liverani, Falko Kuester, Bernd Hamann
Editor(s) E. Banissi, F. Khosrowshahi, M. Sarfraz, E. Tatham, A. Ursyn
Keyword(s)Virtual Reality, Interactive Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, 3D Modeling, Simulation.
Year 1999
SeriesAugmented and Virtual Reality Symposium
PublisherIEEE Computer Society Press
AddressLos Alamitos, California
Abstract A first step towards a semi-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) interfaace for Finite Element Analysis (FEA)is presented in this paper. During recent years, user interface of FEA solvers have matured from character-based command-line driven implementations into easy-to-use graphical user interfaces (GULs). This new generation of GULs provides access to intuitive and productive tools for the management and analysis of structural problems. Many pre- and post-processors have been implemented targeting the simplifications of the man-machine interface in order to increase the ease of use and provide better visual analysis of FEA solver results. Nevertheless, none of these packages provides a real 3D-enabled interface. The main objective of this project is to join state-of-the-art visualization technology, VR devices, and FEA solvers into the integrated development environment VRFEA.