TitleA Multi-Resolution Interactive Previewer for Volumetric Data on Arbitary Meshes (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of 2000 International Computer Symposium
Author(s) Oliver Kreylos, Kwan-Liu Ma, Bernd Hamann
Editor(s) M. Outhyoung, Z. Shih
Year 2000
LocationNational Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan
SeriesWorkshop on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
OrganizationProceedings of 2000 International Computer Symposium
Abstract In this paper we describe a rendering method suitable for interactive previewing of large-scale arbitary-mesh volume data sets. A data set to be visualized is represented by a "point cloud," i. e., a set of points and associated data values without known connectivity between the points. The method uses a multi-resolution approach to achieve interactive rendering rates of several frames per second for arbitrarily large data sets. Lower-resolution approximations of an original data set are created by iteratively applying a point- decimation operation to higher-resolution levels. The goal of this method is to provide the user with an interactive navigation and exploration tool to determine good viewpoints and transfer functions to pass on to a high-quality volume renderer that uses a standard algorithm.