TitleMultiresolution Techniques for Interactive Texture-Based Rendering of Arbitrarily Oriented Cutting Planes (In Proceedings)
inData Visualization 2000--The Joint Eurographics and IEEE TVCG conference on Visualization
Author(s) Eric C. LaMar, Mark A. Duchaineau, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Editor(s) W.C. de Leeuw, R. Van Liere
Year 2000
LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands
DateMay 2000
AddressVienna, Austria
OrganizationProceedings of VisSym'00
Abstract We present a multiresolution technique for interactive texture based rendering of arbitrarily oriented cutting planes for very large data sets. This method uses an adaptive scheme that renders the data along a cutting plane at different resolutions: higher resolution near the point-of-interest and lower resolution away from the point-of-interest. The algorithm is based on the segmentation of texture space into an octree, where the leaves of the tree define the original data and the internal nodes define lower-resolution versions. Rendering is done adaptively by selecting high-resolution versions. Rendering is done adaptively by selecting high-resolution cells close to a center of attention and low-resolution cells away from it. We limit the artifacts introduced by this method by blending between different levels of resolution to produce a smooth image. This techinique can be used to produce a viewpoint-dependent renderings.