TitleTowards Immersive Clay Modeling: Interactive Modeling with Octrees (In Proceedings)
inStereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VII
Author(s) Elke Moritz, Falko Kuester, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy, Hans Hagen
Editor(s) J.O. Merritt, S.A. Benton, A.J. Woods, M.T. Bolas
Keyword(s)Virtual Reality, Virtual and Immersive Environment, Computer-Aided Design, Solid Modeling, Clay Modeling, Octree, Spatial Data Structures
Year 2000
LocationSan Francisco, California
DateJanuary 23--28, 2000
PublisherThe International Society for Optical Engineering
AddressBellingham, Washington
Abstract The described virtual clay modeling project explores the use of virtual environments (VEs)for the simulation of two-handed clay modeling and sculpting tasks. Traditional clay modeling concepts are implemented and enhanced with new digital design tools leveraging from virtual reality (VR) and new input device technology. In particular, the creation of an intuitive and natural work environment for comfortable and unconstrained modeling is emphasized.