TitleInteractive surface correction based on a local approximation scheme (Article)
inComputer Aided Geometric Design
Author(s) Bernd Hamann, B. A. Jean
Keyword(s)Approximation; B-spline surface; Coons surface, Grid/mesh generation; Hardy's reciprocal multiquadric method; Scattered data interpolation; Transfinite interpolation
Year 1996
Abstract The paper presents a new interactive technique for correcting CAD/CAM data containing errors. An algorithm is described that can be used to correct surface data containing undesirable discontinuities ("gaps"/ "holes", and "overlaps") and intersections among surface patches. Such surface problems commonly arise in the aircraft, automobile, and ship industry and make later processing of the data difficult, if not impossible. The new method provides a tool to correct wrong data requiring minimal user interaction. The imput for the scheme can be a set of parametrically defined surfaces (e.i., Bezier, B-spline, or NURBS surfaces) or a set of triangles (or quadrilaterals) discretizing the original geometry. The output is a set of G0 or G1 (tangent plane)continuous, bicubic B-splines surfaces approximating the given data. Each of these B-spline surfaces is constructed using just four user-specified boundary curves.