TitleVisualization of Particle Traces in Virtual Environments (In Proceedings)
inSymposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology 2001 (VRST '01)
Author(s) Falko Kuester, Ralph W. Bruckschen, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Editor(s) C.D. Shaw, Wencheng Wang
Keyword(s)Virtual Reality, Virtual Wind Tunnel, Particle Tracing, Scientific Visualization, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Out-of-Core Visualization, Simulation, Stereoscopic Rendering.
Year 2001
PublisherACM Press
AddressNew York, New York
Abstract Real-time visualization of particle traces in virtual environments can aid in the exploration and analysis of complex three dimensional vector fields. This paper introduces a scalable method suitable for the interactive visualization of large time-varying vector fields on commodity hardware. A real-time data streaming and visualization approach and its out-of-core scheme for the pre-processing and rendering of data are described. The presented approach yields low-latency application start-up times and small memory footprints. A proof of concept systems was implemented on a low-cost Linux workstation equipped with spatial tracking hardware, data gloves and shutter glasses. The system was used to implement a virtual wind tunnel in which a volumetric particle injector can introduce up to 60000 particles into the flow field while an interactive rendering performance of 60 frames per second is maintained.