TitleSegmentation and 3D Visualization of High-Resolution Human Brain Cryosections (In Proceedings)
inVisualization and Data Analysis 2002
Author(s) Ikuko Takanashi, Eric Lum, Kwan-Liu Ma, Joerg Meyer, Bernd Hamann, Arthur J. Olson
Editor(s) Robert F. Erbacher, Philip C. Chen, Matti Groehn, Jonathan C. Roberts, Craig M. Wittenbrink
Keyword(s)Color models, cryosections, morphological operations, medical imaging, segmentation, volume rendering
Year 2002
AddressBellingham, Washington
Organization SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering
Abstract We present a semi-automatic technique for segmenting a large cryo-sliced human brain data set that contains 753 highresolution RGB color images. This human brain data set presents a number of unique challenges to segmentation and visualization due to its size (over 7 GB) as well as the fact that each image not only shows the current slice of the brain but also unsliced "deeper layers" of the brain. These challenges are not present in traditional MRI and CT data sets. We have found that segmenting this data set can be made easier by using the YIQ color model and morphology. We have used a hardware-assisted interactive volume renderer to evaluate our segmentation results.