TitleInteractive Visualization of Particle Beams for Accelerator Design (In Proceedings)
inWorkshop on High Performance Computing in Particle Accelerator Science and Technology
Author(s) Brett Wilson, Kwan-Liu Ma, J. Qiang, R. Ryne
Year 2002
Organization2002 International Conference on Computational Science
Abstract We describe a hybrid data-representation and rendering technique for visualizing large-scale particle data generated from numerical modeling of beam dynamics. The basis of the technique is mixing volume rendering and point rendering according to particle density distribution, visibility, and the userís instruction. A hierarchical representation of the data is created on a parallel computer, allowing real-time partitioning into high-density areas for volume rendering, and low-density areas for point rendering. This allows the beam to be interactively visualized while preserving the fine structure usually visible only with slow pointbased rendering techniques.