TitleTowards Corner Matching for 2D and 3D (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of the 1999 UC Davis Student Workshop on Computing, TR CSE-99-9
Author(s) T.J. Jankun-Kelly, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy, S.P. Uselton
Editor(s) M.H. Oskin
Year 1999
Pages4 --4
Abstract Image resectioning is the process of taking 2D images of a 3D model and mapping those images back onto the model so the images can be viewed in 3-space. Consider photographic images of oil-slick tests on an airplane wing; image resectioning allows a scientist to take the image of the wing, shot at different locations and orientations, and visualize them as a continuous, 3-dimensional model. We aim to develop algorithms to automate the image resectioning problem with as little human interaction as possible. This abstract describes one of the steps toward that goal- finding points in the image and model that we can use for matching.