TitleA Simple Algorithm for Homeomorphic Surface Reconstruction (In Proceedings)
inACM Symposium on Computational Geometry
Author(s) Nina Amenta, Sunghee Choi, Tamal Dey, Naveen Leekha
Year 2000
Abstract The problem of computing a piecewise linear approximation to the surface from a set of sample points is important in solid modeling, computer graphics and computer vision. A recent alorithm [1] using the Voronoi diagram of the sample points gave a guarantee on the distance of the output surface from the original sampled surface assuming the sample was 'sufficiently dense'. We give a similar algorithm, simplifying the computation and the proof of the geometric guarantee. In addition, we guarantee that our output surface is homeomorphic to the original surface; to our knowledge this is the first such topological guarantee for this problem.
Note Submitted to the International Journal of Computational Geometry and its Applications