TitleA New Voronoi-Based Surface Reconstruction Algorithm (Article)
Author(s) Nina Amenta, Marshall Bern, Manolis Kamvysselis
Keyword(s)Medial axis, Sampling, Delaunay triangulation, Computational Geometry
Year 1998
Abstract We describe our experience with a new algorithm for the reconstruction of surfaces from unorganized sample points in IR3. The algorthim is the first for this problem with provable guarantees. Given a "good sample" from a smooth surface, the output is guaranteed to be topologically correct and convergent to the original surface as the sampling sensity increases. The definition of a good sample is itself interesting: the required sampling density varies locally, rigorously capturing the intuitive notion that featureless areas can be reconstructed from fewer samples. The output mesh interpolates, rather than approximates, the input points. Our algorithm is based on the three-dimensional Voronoi diagram. Given a good program for thsi fundamental subroutine, the algorithm is quite easy to implement.