TitleVisualization Approaches to the Analysis and Display of Paleomagnetic Data (Masters Thesis)
Author(s) Elisabeth R. Jurrus
Year 1999
SchoolCenter for Image Processing and Integrated Computing, University of California, Davis
Abstract Paleomagnetism is the study of the history of the geomagnetic field of the earth. Traditionally, paleeomagnestists represent their three-dimensional data with two-dimensional plots. As the speed of sample collection and data analysis increases, there is a strong need to replace existing forms of analysis. By using visualization approaches, we have developed new ways to represent paleomagnetic data so that they can be studied with more efficiency and intuition by paleomagnetists. These new approaches increase the speed at which existing paleomagnetic data sets can be analyzed, provide a means of dealing with the very large data sets that are being generated by automated sampling handling systems, and create new methods for analyzing the data.