TitleGeneralized B-spline subdivision-surface wavelets for geometry compression (Article)
into appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Author(s) Martin Bertram, Mark A. Duchaineau, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Keyword(s)arbitrary-topology meshes, biorthogonal wavelets, geometry compression, multiresolution methods, subdivision surfaces.
Year 2004
Abstract We present a new construction of lifted biorthogonal wavelets on surfaces of arbitrary two-manifold topology for compression and multiresolution representation. Our method combines three approaches:subdivision surfaces of arbitrary topology, B-spline wavelets, and the lifting scheme for biorthogonal wavelet construction. The simple building blocks of our wavelet transform are local lifting operations performed on polygonal meshes with subdivision hierachy. Starting with a coarse, irregular polyhedral base mesh, our transform creates a subdivision hierarchy of meshes converging to a smooth limit surface. At every subdivision level, geometric detail can be expanded from wavelet coefficients and added to the surface. We present wavelet constuctions for bilinear, bicubic, and biquintic B-Spline subdivision. While the bilinear and bicubic constructions perform well in numerical experiments, the biquintic construction turns out to be unstable. For lossless compression, our transform can be computed in integer arithmetic, mapping integer coordinates of control points to integer wavelet coefficients. Our approach provides a highly efficient and progessive representation for complex geometries of arbitrary topology.