TitleRay Casting Curved-Quadratic Elements (In Proceedings)
inData Visualization 2004
Author(s) David F. Wiley, Hank Childs, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Editor(s) Oliver Deussen, Charles D. Hansen, Daniel Keim, Dietmar Saupe
Keyword(s)higher order, finite elements, quadratic, curved quadratic
Year 2004
LocationKonstanz, Germany
DateMay 19--21, 2004
PublisherACM Siggraph
OrganizationEurographics/IEEE TCVG
Abstract We present a method for ray casting curved-quadratic elements in 3D. The advantages of this approach is that a curved element can be directly visualized. Conventionally, higher-order elements are tessellated with several linear elements so that standard visualization techniques can be applied to the linear elements. Our method primarily focuses on how to find an approximation to the intersection between a ray and a curved-quadratic element. Once this approximation is found, conventional accumulation and color mapping techniques can be applied to the approximation to produce a volumetric visualization of the element. A cutting plane implementation is also shown that leverages the ray casting technique.