TitleA Streaming Narrow-Band Algorithm: Interactive Deformation and Visualization of Level Sets (Article)
inIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Author(s) Aaron Lefohn, Joe M. Kniss, Charles D. Hansen
Keyword(s)interactive, level-set, GPU, GPGPU, narrow band, streaming computation, visualization, compressed volume rendering, medical imaging, volume rendering, distance transform
Year July 2004
Abstract Deformable isosurfaces, implemented with level-set methods, have demonstrated a great potential in visualization and computer graphics for applications such as segmentation, surface processing, and physically-based modeling. Their usefulness has been limited, however, by their high computational cost and reliance on significant parameter tuning. This paper presents a solution to these challenges by describing graphics processor (GPU) based algorithms for solving and visualizing level-set solutions at interactive rates. The proposed solution is based on a new, streaming implementation of the narrow-band algorithm. The new algorithm packs the level-set isosurface data into 2D texture memory via a multi-dimensional virtual memory system. As the level-set moves, this texture-based representation is dynamically updated via a novel GPU-to-CPU message passing scheme. By integrating the level-set solver with a real-time volume renderer, a user can visualize and intuitively steer the level-set surface as it evolves. We demonstrate the capabilities of this technology for interactive volume segmentation and visualization.
Note Invited Paper. This extends an IEEE Visualization 2003 paper.