TitleFeature-Enhanced Visualization of Multidimensional, Multivariate Volume Data Using Non-photorealistic Rendering Techniques (Proceedings)
in10 th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (PG'02
Author(s) Eric Lum, Kwan-Liu Ma
Keyword(s)Keywords: animation, hardware-accelerated rendering, multidimensional data, multivariate data, non photorealistic rendering, scientific visualization, streamlines, stroke based rendering, vector field, visual perception, volume rendering
Year 2002
LocationTsinghua University, Beijing
DateOctober 09--11 2002
OrganizationProceedings of Pacific Graphics 2002
Abstract This paper presents a set of feature enhancement techniques coupled with hardware-accelerated nonphotorealistic rendering for generating more perceptually effective visualization of multidimensional, multivariate volume data, such as those obtained from typical computational fluid dynamics simulations. For time-invariant data, one or more variables are used to either highlight important features in another variable, or add contextural information to the visualization. For time-varying data, rendering of each time step also takes into account the values at neighboring time steps to reinforce the perception of the changing features in the data over time. With hardware-accelerated rendering, interactive visualization becomes possible leading to increased explorability and comprehension of the data.