TitleAn efficient surface-surface intersection algorithm using adaptive surface triangulations and space partitioning trees (Article)
inMathematical Engineering in Industry
Author(s) B. A. Jean, Bernd Hamann
Keyword(s)approximation; Bézier surface; B-spline surface; k-d tree; NURBS surface; parametric surface; spatial data structure; surface-surface intersecion; surface triangulation; trimmed surfaces
Year 1998
Abstract We present a robust and efficient surface-surface intersection (SSI) algorithm. The algorithm is based on intersecting surface triangulations and improves the resulting linear spline curve approximations of the exact intersection curves by replacing intersecion points of the surface triangulations by exact intersecion points. We use a specialized data structure, the k-d tree, for the efficient intersection of surface triangulations. The resulting intersection curves are guaranteed to lie within a user-specified tolerance.