TitleAn Improved N-Bit to N-Bit Reversible Haar-Like Transform (In Proceedings)
inProceedings, 12th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications 2004
Author(s) Joshua Senecal, Peter Lindstrom, Mark A. Duchaineau, Ken Joy
Keyword(s)Wavelets, Data Transforms
Year October 2004
LocationSeoul, South Korea
DateOctober 6--8, 2004
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
Abstract We introduce the Piecewise-Linear Haar (PLHaar) transform, a reversible n-bit to n-bit transform that is based on the Haar wavelet transform. PLHaar is continuous, while all current n-bit to n-bit methods are not, and is therefore uniquely usable with both lossy and lossless methods (e.g. image compression). PLHaar has both integer and continuous (i.e. non-discrete) forms. By keeping the coefficients to n bits PLHaar is particularly suited for use in hardware environments where channel width is limited, such as digital video channels and graphics hardware.