TitleSonification of Three-Dimensional Vector Fields (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of the SCS High Performance Computing Symposium
Author(s) Eric Klein, Oliver G. Staadt
Keyword(s)sonification, spatial audio, vector field
Year April 2004
LocationCrystal City, VA
DateApril 18--22, 2004
OrganizationSociety for Modeling and Simulation International
Abstract We describe and analyze a new technique for sonification of three-dimensional vector fields. This technique allows the user to use commodity hardware and widely available 3D sound interfaces to map vectors in a listenerís local neighborhood into smooth wind-like sound (aerodynamic sound). The four types of information provided by this technique are flow direction, flow velocity, flow vorticity and local flow patterns. The result is a system that helps the user achieve an intuitive understanding of the data set by using their auditory sense.