TitleShell Maps (Article)
inACM SIGGRAPH 2005, ACM Transactions on Graphics
Author(s) Serban D. Porumbescu, Brian C. Budge, Zhi Feng, Ken Joy
Keyword(s)complexity shell map texture 3D
Year 2005
LocationLos Angeles, CA
DateJuly 2005
PublisherACM Press
Abstract A shell map is a bijective mapping between shell space and texture space that can be used to generate small-scale features on surfaces using a variety of modeling techniques. The method is based upon the generation of an offset surface and the construction of a tetrahedral mesh that fills the space between the base surface and its offset. By identifying a corresponding tetrahedral mesh in texture space, the shell map can be implemented through a straightforward barycentriccoordinate map between corresponding tetrahedra. The generality of shell maps allows texture space to contain geometric objects, procedural volume textures, scalar fields, or other shell-mapped objects.