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Last Updated: August 10, 2010 10:00 PM (Pacific)

I am looking for apping portfolios from people who applied for Fall 2010. If you are one, please visit this page to update your information. Please note that you can always omit your name/email to keep things private.

What this is..

This is an attempt to help students on their progress and decisions while they apply (or plan to do so) for a Masters/PhD abroad.

Who we are..

We're a bunch of 2003 entry students who wish to share their experiences to help our juniors.

What you can find here..

Tips, articles, experiences, examples, answers to frequent queries, and even anecdotes in some cases. Basically anything that might help.

When this will be complete..


Cutting to the chase, you're here because of one of the following reasons:-

  1. You are in 2nd/3rd year and have no idea what you'll do when you graduate. And masters is an option.
  2. You've decided to apply, but don't know how to go about it.
  3. You want some pointers at a stage of the application procedure.
  4. You are looking for tips about the process.

We hope we can help you with this, and we don't want to waste any more of your time. We've divided the stuff into categories, starting below. Help yourself.

  1. Apping Portfolios (2010)
  2. Apping Portfolios (2009) Thanks to Aditya and Divya for helping out with the script!
  3. Apping Portfolios (2008)
  4. Apping Portfolios (2007) (second set)
  5. Deciding whether applying is the best option for you...
  6. Where to start: what and how to prepare...(incomplete)
  7. The exams: GRE, TOEFL...
  8. Selecting universities...(incomplete)
  9. Selecting a degree program...(incomplete)
  10. Writing to faculty...
  11. Application Materials: SOP, Recommendations, Packets, Bank Statements, $$...(incomplete)
  12. Finishing an application and waiting for results...(incomplete)
  13. Writing to faculty a second time...(incomplete)


Some useful stuff collected in one corner...

  1. MUST VISIT: One of the most useful sets of articles (written by IITians at Kanpur)
  2. Comprehensive forum for Physics students
  3. Grad school advice (CMU) (local mirror)
  4. Suggestions for Graduate Students (UT Austin)
  5. Contacting Professors (UC Davis)
  6. SOP Advice (UCSB)
  7. Advice for Foreign Students Wishing to Pursue Graduate Study (UCSC)
  8. [possibly dead link] Graduate Admissions FAQ (Stanford)

That's all folks.

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