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Written for Photorealistic Rendering (ECS 275)
Code C++/OpenGL/wxWidgets
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The initial goal was to create a raytracer which would allow plausible rendering of various effects, including motion blur, depth-of-field, and translucency. Objects were stored in an implementation of a Bounding Volume Hierarchy, which allowed for fast ray-object intersection tests. My initial report contains more images showing my progress.

For the final project, I opted to add subsurface scattering to my raytracer. I chose to implement an algorithm created by Henrik Wann Jensen in A Practical Model for Subsurface Light Transport. The images above are rendered with differing settings. The rougher looking images were created to get an idea of how the image would look, and were rendered using less rays. This image is a compilation of shots from different stages of the implementation, with different settings. It was shown as an overview for my progress during the final presentation.

My final report shows how the model changes with different settings activated.