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Secure Password Hasher
Secure Password Hasher
Written for Introduction to Security (ECS 153)
Code Firefox extension
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Broken in the latest Firefox version, but can be fixed by changing the max-version number.

Programmed for my Introduction to Security class, along with Scott Kirkland and Sharanjot Dhillon. It's a Firefox plugin which takes a master password, your username, and the website, hashes them together using the SHA-1 algorithm, and copies a new 8 character password to the clipboard to input into a password box. I ended up recoding SHA-1 in javascript by hand. Provides a simple solution to the issue of having the same password at multiple places.

An existing plugin called "Secure Password Generator" was gutted to form the shell for our plugin.

This is only a proof of concept; a group of security graduate students have done the same thing a lot better (they even wrote a paper on it) at Stanford.