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Volume renderer and isosurfacer
Volume renderer and isosurfacer Volume renderer and isosurfacer
Written for Introduction to Visualization (ECS 177)
Software driven volume renderer. We had to implement the raycasting algorithm we were given, and we were prevented from implementing it in hardware.

In addition to rendering volume data, the program was also capable of displaying isosurfaces. The title of the window says Slicer because at one point, I had my volume slicer & renderer combined into one huge program. Capabilities include:

  • Ray casts into a volume, coloring according to the color transfer widgets
  • Two color map editors exist; one involving material properties and one involving global colors
  • Permits rendering only a portion of the screen to save time
  • Interlaces the rendering to give a better overview of how the image is beginning to look
  • Ability to raycast an isosurface; uses linear interpolation to get a normal for the intersected surface
  • Histogram shows the number of occurences of the data value
  • Ability to switch between pre & post classification
  • Ability to turn light on and off
  • Ability to move the light anywhere
  • Trilinear or Nearest Neighbor interpolation for getting data not sitting on a grid point in the volume