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Volume slicer/Vector field viewer
Volume slicer/Vector field viewer
Written for Introduction to Visualization (ECS 177)
Renders images of slices through volumetric data. Also allows visualization of vector field flows. Capabilities include:
  • Slice a volume along any angle
  • Color the slice according to the data and the colormap
  • Shows the currently edited slice in a separate pane
  • Two color transfer editors were included; the second can be seen in the volume renderer below.
  • The histogram shows the number of occurrences of data. It could be scaled to handle large peaks, like those for air.
  • Shows the vector field direction at a point by drawing a little glyph.
  • Can use any of three vector traveling methods (Euler's, Improved Euler's, Runge-Katta 4th order)
  • Performs 2D Line Integral Convolution on a slice
  • Draws stream lines & stream ribbons