Ye Olde Main Page Animation

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Some background information

I got into Java programming when I installed OS/2 Warp 4 on my home computer in 1996, and it came with the Java development toolkit out-of-the-box, and Java was all the rage. The first Java applet I wrote was this animation of Duke, the Java mascot, working on my then new homepage (it was rewritten and improved from Sun's JackhammerDuke example applet). Since I had written the entire applet myself, I was overly proud of it, and it survived the homepage's move from Karlsruhe to Davis in 1999. Since I never go to my home page's main page myself - my browser home page is set to my links page - I never noticed how annoying this thing is. I bet it scared away at least 50% of the 13 people who have visited my home page over the years.

As of 02/15/2007, it's gone. Rest in peace.