Very old video (recorded in 2006) showing head-tracked "holographic" projection in the CAVE and Vrui's basic user interface.
Video showing the Nanotech Construction Kit being used in a CAVE to create a model of a C-60 Buckminsterfullerene ("Buckyball").
Vrui's Earth Viewer demo program running on a desktop computer with a spaceball controller.
3D Visualizer running on a head-tracked 3D TV with an optically-tracked Wiimote controller, to analyze a CT scan of a patient with serious head trauma.
A collaborative data analysis session between two users, one using a CAVE and the other using a head-tracked 3D TV with a tracked controller, enabled by Vrui's tele-collaboration infrastructure.
An exploration of how to present virtual worlds and local users in head-mounted displays, predating the Oculus Rift DK1.
Vrui's Earth Viewer demo running on an Oculus Rift DK1 with Razer Hydra controllers and a Kinect camera for user embedding.
User embodiment in head-mounted VR displays using multiple Kinect camera.
Vrui's Jell-O demo running on an HTC Vive.
Vrui's LEGO construction set running on an HTC Vive.